Life Stories

We all have a unique story to tell
Stories deserve to be honoured
They deserve to be shared

I create life story films for families – a precious keepsake for future generations. The core of each film is a sensitively conducted interview, edited with family photographs, archive, music and footage

I work closely to create the film you want to see. We look through photos, hear stories, and talk about what you’re hoping for and how we can approach it.

Then comes the main interview which can take place over a couple of short sessions. I can also film at a family event, or perhaps in the garden, dancing, or I can weave in other family members talking about their loved one.

“You can really sense how lovely it is for Mum to be asked those questions and how much fun she is having.

I feel I have just been given the most precious thing I own.”

Mary, Isabel’s daughter

Once all the footage is shot, I edit it and create a review copy to be watched for any changes. I then create a final version which can be sent digitally for downloading, or onto a memory stick or DVD.

In this extract, John tells the story of leaving his boyhood home in Kenya, his journey across the ocean, dodging enemy submarines, and then attending Christ’s Hospital School, a school which offered children from humble backgrounds the chance of a better education.

Christina Wheeler


Please get in touch – if you would like to discuss a film, posdcast or any other film project idea, no matter how wild or tentative!

I’m based in Gloucestershire but am very happy to travel

  • 07557 537217

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