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A well made film tells others about your work – about your story

I have recently made films for: The Permaculture Association, Stroud Green Party, Heart of BS13, Rory’s Well, Wotton Area Mutual Aid, Bright Path Futures, Suzanne Howe Communications, Growing Real Food for Nutrition, Keynsham Churches, The Climate and Ecological Bill Alliance

Heart of BS13 crowd fundraising film for their Food Service, raising funds to help tackle food and fuel insecurity

I’ve been working with Heart of BS13, a charity in Hartcliffe, Bristol, on various video projects, including two crowd fundraising films for their food service and a film which highlights the key findings of their Community Climate Action Plan.

Christina is our ‘go to’ film maker at Heart of BS13.  We love working with her because she puts everyone at ease and gets the best out of people when they’re in front of the camera.  Christina is constantly using her film maker’s eyes and ears to help us to convey information in a succinct and powerful way.

Georgina Perry, CEO, Heart of BS13
Heart of BS13 Community Climate Action Plan

“Working with Christina was a great experience, her attention to detail and her ability to relate to people enabled us to make a video that far exceeded our expectations”


Keynsham Parish wanted a short film to show the diversity of their work and activities across the five parish churches. It will on their website and shown at services, to celebrate their work and let community members know what is available

Christina Wheeler

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